Candidate for Fire Commissioner Lake Cavanaugh

Lake Cavanaugh FireThe fire department at Lake Cavanaugh is the most important community asset on the lake. It is a benefit to everyone not only for the fire protection, but also the emergency response, safety guidelines, and lower insurance rates. Although it is a volunteer unit, it still must meet local, state and federal regulations. It is the responsibility of the commissioner to see that these regulations are met and that our local unit has the resources to comply.

I have been attending the commissioners meetings for several consecutive months, and have seen the fine job our current commissioners are doing. Although I have never worked as a professional fireman, or served in a volunteer unit, I have the business experience that is required to work with the department.
I started and owned a professional automotive repair facility for over 35 years, working with employees, customers, finances and government regulations for our industry. I served as president of our professional association and worked at both the state and national level events. I believe that I can add productively to our fire commission at Lake Cavanaugh.
Personally I have been on the lake since 1970, moving here permanently about 6 years ago. I have seen the growth and dreams of this community come to life through the hard work of the community and volunteers. It is my belief that the fire department and the community club can work together for the betterment of our community. Shared functions and facilities are good for the Lake Cavanaugh Family